Director: Tonya Creech

Grades: Pre-K - 7th

Services: Every Sunday starting at 10:45am

For more information please contact Tonya Creech

About Kingdom Kids

We are a group of leaders dedicated to teaching and training our children, about their savior. We try our best to make learning about Jesus fun and exciting for them, but we also have time of prayer, worship, and praise. It is an amazing thing to watch children genuinely worship!


Each lesson that is taught has a bible point, and some type of craft. For our music we do all kinds of different types of songs during Kingdom Kids. For example during the beginning of Kingdom Kids they listen to a song called I LUV GOD. During praise and worship they listen to songs like Oceans or Holy Spirit

Goal for 2017

Our goal is to teach your children in a way that they are not afraid to say that they are a Christian. We want more and more children to come and learn about Jesus. We want every child that comes to be saved and accept Jesus as their LORD! (when they are ready)


Are you ready to see what God has in store for you? If so plan a visit we would be glad to have you join us. If you plan a visit pleas pre-fill out the document by click on the Form button



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